Yuliana Granovskaya
Kaspersky Lab, Moscow

Requirements versioning. Popular software developers techniques for analyst needs

Any large project, sooner or later, comes to the need to work with several versions of the same objects:

1. Several people are working on one document/code/mockup.

2. the same objects vary in different ways for different purposes:   

  • bug fixes and functional development;   
  • implementation of certain functionality for a specific customer with keeping the basic version "for all"

3. The need to work out possible changes without guarantee of inclusion in the final version.

There are a large number of ready-made solutions in the area of code development for all these issues. It can not be said about the development of requirements. Here each team invents its own.

In my talk, I want to talk about how we applied the standard practices from the area of code development for the management of requirements and to what results we have got.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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