Intellect stack for engineers and managers

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The stack of cognitive practices for enhancing intelligence is designed for engineers and managers to quickly solve problems in their work that are not described in their textbooks. Intelligence is the cognitive skill of problem-solving, and in all individuals, it's roughly at the same level from birth (if compared, for example, to cats). However, the difference in the strength of intelligence between a jungle native and a systems engineer in a unicorn company can be dramatic. What should one learn to become smarter? Clearly, education in engineering and management is not enough. It's also evident that one cannot rely on wisdom coming with age. What should one learn to become somewhat smarter relatively quickly? The answer lies in learning the cognitive practices of the intelligence stack:

  1. Systems Engineering.
  2. Methodology.
  3. Rhetoric.
  4. Ethics.
  5. Aesthetics.
  6. Researches.
  7. Rationality.
  8. Logic.
  9. Algorithmics.
  10. Ontology.
  11. Theory of Concepts.
  12. Physics.
  13. Mathematics.
  14. Semantics.
  15. Composure.
  16. Conceptualization.

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