Beware! Primary Data zone!

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  • 40 min

Developing a data warehouse is a complex and exciting task, combining the integration of a large number of totally different sources.

This time, we will focus on the 1st step - organising the primary data layer. These are integrations, but what should they be?

The diversity of sources and the need to include them in the storage loop, on the one hand, requires the implementation of different integration mechanisms depending on the architecture of the sources and the format of the given data; on the other hand, the replica sources in the data loop must have an architectural ordering because their use is expected after reassembly in the DWH core. All this imposes "special" requirements for integrations.

The purpose of the talk is to explain what an analyst does in this process, what competencies he/she should have, what he/she does and what processes he/she is involved in. 

The target audience is system analysts and system architects. No experience with data warehousing is required.

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