Муттер Ольга Петровна
Senior Project manager - СберМаркет
Moscow, Russia
Talks (4)
  • 20.01.2022
    A player-coach. To be or not to be?

    At a certain point in time, there comes a time for a business/systems analyst when a development track is consciously or unconsciously chosen, which in the future may lead to the position of “lead”. And naturally, this entails training, onboarding, team management, motivation, one to one and much more.

    In my talk, I want to tell you how to thoroughly prepare for the transition to a leadership position, what difficulties may arise and what choices will have to be made. 

    The main purpose of my talk is to give awareness and understanding for an unknown direction. To share with you tips that will help you decide whether to remain a “playing coach” or not.

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  • 25.08.2021
    How to prevent juniors from ruining your project

    The market situation is dictating new rules. Large companies are hiring specialists; the market is overheated, there is a staff shortage. What are the solutions? 

    There are many solutions, and this is the trend of this conference, from changing recruitment processes to introducing midlevel growth to the seniors. 

    We will talk to you about the adaptation of novice professionals in a product company. What are the pitfalls, how to build the process and at the same time not ruin the project. What mistakes you can make, and what will cost you all your efforts. Which activities are mandatory and which are a waste of time. And how are novice adaptation specialists different from more experienced ones?

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  • 12.01.2021
    How we implemented the new design. Practical case

    In my talk, I want to share a practical case of building a process for changing personal account design, which has more than 300 settings and weekly updates. I will tell you what problems we encountered and what was the right way. You will be able to adopt the process of team interaction (Dev, QA, Business Analyst, Designer and PM).

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  • 09.09.2020
    How we introduced requirements review. Practical case

    Have you faced incomprehensible requirements that caused only pain and suffering? And how often are tasks returned during testing because of you not doing what the client wanted? What to do in this situation? What are the solutions? I will tell:

    - how we identified the problem and what risks it posed;

    - what solutions we tried and how they influenced the team;

    - how to painlessly introduce a requirements review process and save more than 200 man-hours per month;

    - how to correctly assess the benefits received.

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    • 40 min
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