Смирягин Дмитрий Геннадьевич
Руководитель направления - Сбербанк
Moscow, Russia

Архитектор, Технический Руководитель направления устройств самообслуживания, в Сбербанке 

В IT более 20 лет. Разработчик, архитектор, team lead, эксперт-консультант, руководитель отдела, управления, что позволяет видеть и систематизировать полную многомерную картину процессов в области создания ПО. Опыт управления 15 лет, от небольших групп до подразделений. Несколько лет работал с крупными компаниями в США. Выполнял проекты для 20th Century Fox, Wells Fargo Bank, Zurich Insurance, Bank of America, Транснефть. 

Широкая техническая экспертизой в области построения надежных архитектур информационных систем, Domain Driven Design, ECM, BPM, автоматизации сквозных процессов. 

Провожу обучение и тренинги по тематике управления в ИТ, применению процессного подхода. 

Спикер конференций: Analyst Days, Whale Rider 2019, Team Lead Conf

Talks (3)
  • 25.01.2021
    Smaller is better? Talk about the size of services

    They say ... So much is said about the size. Which service would be best? Micro, kilo, or maybe nano? The industry seems to have found "the only right answer" to this eternal philosophical question, of course - Micro. The most appropriate and fashionable size. One millionth... 

    If you are interested in answering how big or small a service should be, what the difference between orchestration and choreography is, what monolith first is useful for, and most importantly, how requirements influence the choice of architectural solutions, come to the talk. Let's talk about microservice architecture with meaning.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 12
  • 30.07.2020
    Are architects Martians, are analysts Venusians?

    Sometimes it seems that architects and analysts are two different worlds. And it's not about the title of the job or role, but about how we think what is important and what is secondary. But architects and analysts think very differently, doing the same thing - designing systems. They think differently even when both of these roles are combined in one person. Let's look at what is the difference and how to achieve synergy, complementing each other. What the architect expects from the analyst, what typical mistakes should be avoided.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 11
  • 30.09.2018
    What customer wants and how we can give it

    The talk touches on one of the most critical issues of the analyst's activity - the identification of true requirements to the information system. It describes the reasons why often the requirements, coming from the customer, do not adequately reflect the reality and do not lead to the goal of creating an information system. The talk contains the basic principles and practical steps necessary to identify the true requirements for the system.

    • Average
    • 20 min
    • Analyst Days / 9
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